Photo Credit: Eli Warren at The Needed Image.


My Brand Philosophy

Know your brand.
Your brand is born as an idea. Whether it starts as a quiet notion or a jolt of inspiration, the origins of your brand are formed within your mind. As that idea evolves from concept to reality, you choose the concrete elements of your brand—how it looks, speaks, sounds, and feels. These basic expressions become the defining characteristics of your brand for consumers. It’s crucial that you explore every facet of your brand so that it can be reproduced in your customers’ minds exactly as you see it in yours. No one else can know your brand until you know your brand.

Understand your brand.
A brand without a brain is an empty promise. You could spend all your resources on a gorgeous logo, stunning photography, and a clever tagline. But without a strategic foundation, your brand will collapse under scrutiny from potential customers. By building a brand that presents itself to the consumer as not only the most appealing choice, but also the most logical choice, you add intellectual weight to what can sometimes be an emotional decision. 

Trust your brand.
When you know and understand your brand, you can trust it will confidently—and consistently—speak for itself. By doing the hard work of examining, defining, and crafting a fully-realized brand, it will work hard in representing itself. You will eventually discover new applications and opportunities that go far beyond the original scope and execution of your brand. But as long as it was built with vision and reason, your brand’s message will remain true.